RECIPE – “Azukis with vegetables in soy sauce”

Hey, everybody. How are you? It seems to be that the last pull of pregnancy the cravings are focused on Japanese food, and is that again another recipe with soy sauce and that Japanese touch that is not normally my style but lately I do not stop doing. And it’s really good!


Soy sauce
1 red onion
Half zucchini
1 carrot

  • Cut the vegetables and put them in the frying pan with a little oil, and cook for 7 minutes until they are to our liking.
  • Then add a drizzle of soy sauce and stir for 2 more minutes.
  • Last step add the azukis. I bought them already boiled, but otherwise you can boil them in the express pot or in the conventional pot.

RECIPE – “Macaroni in pesto sauce with vegetables and prawns”

Hey, everybody. How are you? I hope very well, today is a plate of macaroni, after the move to the new house, I had a desire to eat pasta and finally I could make it and what a delight! Pesto sauce is not usually my favourite but I have to admit that this time it was really good.


Striped carrot
Red onion
Pesto sauce
150gr of macaroni

  • Put the macaroni to boil with a little oil and salt.
  • In a frying pan, first make the prawns with the onion for 5 minutes and then add the pipes and stir and two more minutes.
  • Then add the pesto sauce, the carrot and the boiled pasta, and stir well to integrate all the ingredients.
  • That’s how easy it is to have our delicious dish. I hope you liked it.

RECIPE – “Vegan Cheese Spread”

Hey, everybody. How are you? I bring you another recipe in which we need agar agar to curdle, but this time it is not sweet, this time it touches salty and what better than a good vegan cheese. This recipe if you have to keep it, write it down and make it, and sure to repeat it later, because it is AMAZING!


150gr cashew nuts
40gr nutritional yeast
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp. salt
1 tablespoon of paprika
1 tbsp turmeric
1 tbsp honey
juice of half a lemon
1 pinch of pepper
175gr water (for mixing)
Other 175gr of water (for processing)
1 tbsp agar agar

  • Put all the ingredients in the mixer and beat until liquid.
  • In a saucepan put water and the spoon of agar agar and let it be heated.
  • Once it starts to boil, we have to stir for 5 minutes so that the agar does not stick.
  • After this time add the mixture and stir well for one minute.
  • Put it in a vegetable paper container and let it curdle for at least 2 hours or a whole day.
  • Then we just have to turn it over, I have a texture left a little more to spread, so it would also have been a good idea to put the mixture in a glass jar, but this is left to each decision.


RECIPE – “Curd of Açai and banana with cocoa seeds”

Hey, everybody. How are you? Something sweet seems like it’s time to do, and what an experiment! Delicious, I bought a jar of agar agar powder, which serves to curdle our desserts among other things and I decided to try with this recipe and believe me, it was a success. I’ll tell you how I made it.


2 bananas
500ml coconut milk or to taste.
3 tablespoons Açai
1 tablespoon Agar agar.
A handful of cocoa beans

  • The first thing will be to beat the banana and the Açai with the milk with the mixer and then to throw it in a saucepan and to put it to heat.
  • Once the mixture in the saucepan, add the tablespoon of agar agar and stir from time to time until it begins to boil.
  • We have to let it boil for 2 minutes minimum and without stopping moving so that the agar agar does not stick.
  • After this time, put in a container and let cool to room temperature and then in the refrigerator.
  • Just before serving add the cocoa beans and enjoy!

RECIPE – “Miso soup with vegetables”

Hey, everybody. How are you? This time I come talking about miso, is a Japanese condiment used for soups, usually bought in sachets already prepared and poured into the soup once ready and stir until it is dissolved, gives a very good flavor and also has many properties.


  • They help us digest,
  • Great contribution of carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Lots of protein and vitamin B 12, ideal for vegan or vegetarian diets.
    Vitamins of group A, B, E and folic acid, ideal for pregnancy.
  • Essential amino acids and minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium and Iron.
  • Contains prebiotic bacteria that balance our intestinal flora.
  • Contains linoleic acid and soy lecithin which dissolve cholesterol in the blood and thus prevent the hardening of blood vessels.
  • Helps women in menopause, helping with hot flashes and osteoporosis.
  • It is antioxidant, helping to eliminate free radicals, thus improving our skin.
  • It helps us against acidity caused by acidifying foods such as white sugar, refined foods and animal fats.


The soup is very easy, we only have to choose which vegetables we want to use to boil them with water, add salt or soy sauce (to give it an even more Japanese touch) and once this ready add the powders.


This time I used an onion, a pepper, a piece of cabbage, a couple of mushrooms and a little shredded ginger.

You can also add noodles, carrots, zucchini, celery, whatever you like.

RECIPE – “Noodles with vegetables and textured soybeans”

Hey, everybody. How are you? Today I didn’t know what to eat, so with what I had in the fridge I made a delicious and spectacular soup for the first time, a recipe never to be forgotten. I’ll show you how I got it and then I’ll tell you how I made it. I hope you like it


  • Varied vegetables: I used: cauliflower, carrot, zucchini, pepper and a piece of leek.
  • 50 gr of fine textured soybeans
  • 200ml almond cream
  • 50gr of fine noodles
  • Turmeric, pepper and salt.

  • The first thing is to put water to heat with 3 spoonfuls of oil, and when it begins to boil we add the chopped vegetables.
  • The next step will be to add the textured soya and cook it for 15 minutes (you can use a stopwatch and it will be easier).
  • Next we add the spices, I used turmeric, pepper and salt, but you can add the ones you like best.
  • When it has 5 minutes left to cook add the pot of cream.
  • And when it has 3 minutes left to finish, add the noodles.
  • Let everything rest for 5 minutes with the heat off and wala! our delicious soup will be ready.

RECETA – “Azukis con verduras en salsa de soja”

Hola a todos ¿qué tal estáis? Parece ser qué el en último tirón del embarazo los antojos van enfocados a la comida japonesa, y es que de nuevo otra receta con salsa de soja y ese toque japones que normalmente no es mi estilo pero que últimamente no paro de hacer. Y la verdad ¡esta muy bueno!


  • Azukis
  • Salsa de soja
  • 1 cebolla morada
  • Medio calabacín
  • 1 zanahoria

  • Cortamos las verduras y las ponemos en la sartén con un poco de aceite, y cocinamos 7 minutos hasta que estén a nuestro gusto.
  • Luego añadimos un chorreón de salsa de soja y removemos 2 minutitos más
  • Último paso añadir las azukis. Yo las compré ya hervidas, pero sino la puedes hervir en la olla express o en la olla convencional.

RECETA – “Macarrones en salsa pesto con verduras y gambas”

Hola a todos ¿qué tal estáis? Espero que muy bien, hoy toca un plato de macarrones, después de la mudanza a la nueva casa, tenía unas ganas de comer pasta y ya por fín pude hacerla y ¡que delicia! La salsa pesto no suele ser mi favorita pero tengo que reconocer que esta vez estaba buenísimo.


  • Zanahoria rayada
  • Cebolla morada
  • Gambas
  • Pipas
  • Salsa pesto
  • 150gr de macarrones

  • Ponemos los macarrones a hervir con un poco de aceite y sal.
  • En una sartén primero hacemos las gambas con la cebolla durante 5 minutitos y luego añadimos las pipas y removemos y dos minutitos más
  • Después echamos la salsa pesto, la zanahoria y la pasta ya hervida, y removemos bien para integrar todos los ingredientes.
  • Asi de fácil ya tenemos nuestro delicioso plato. Espero que os haya gustado.

RECETA – “Queso vegano para untar”

Hola a todos ¿qué tal estáis? Os traigo otra receta en la que necesitamos del agar agar para cuajar, pero esta vez no es dulce, esta vez toca salado y que mejor que un buen queso vegano. Esta receta si que si tenéis que guardarla, apuntarla y hacerla, y seguro luego repetirla, porque es BRUTAL.


  • 150gr de anacardos
  • 40gr de levadura nutricional
  • 1 diente de ajo
  • 1 cda de sal
  • 1 cda de pimentón
  • 1 cda de cúrcuma
  • 1 cda de miel
  • zumo de medio limón
  • 1 pizca de pimienta
  • 175gr de agua (para la mezcla)
  • Otros 175gr de agua (para la elaboración)
  • 1 cda de agar agar

  • Ponemos todos los ingredientes en la batidora y lo batimos hasta que quede líquido.
  • En un cazo ponemos agua y la cucharada de agar agar y dejamos que se vaya calentando.
  • Una vez comience a hervir, tenemos que remover durante 5 minutos para que el agar no se pegue.
  • Pasado este tiempo añadimos la mezcla y removemos bien durante un minuto.
  • Ponemos en un recipiente con papel vegetal y dejamos cuajar mínimo 2 horas o un día entero.
  • Luego solo tenemos que darle la vuelta, a mi me ha quedado una textura un poco más para untar, así que también hubiese sido buena idea echar la mezcla en un tarro de cristal, pero esto ya lo dejo a decisión de cada uno.


RECETA – “Cuajada de Açai y plátano con pepitas de cacao”

Hola a todos ¿qué tal estáis? Algo dulce parece que ya es hora de hacer, y ¡qué experimento! Delicioso, he comprado un bote de “agar agar” en polvo, que sirve para cuajar nuestros postres entre otras cosas y decidí probar con esta receta y creedme, fue todo un éxito. Os cuento como la hice.


  • 2 plátanos
  • 500ml de leche de coco o al gusto.
  • 3 cucharadas de Açai
  • 1 cucharada de Agar agar.
  • Un puñado de pepitas de cacao

  • Lo primero será batir el plátano y el Açai con la leche con la batidora y luego echarlo en un cazo y ponerlo a calentar.
  • Una vez la mezcla en el cazo, añadimos la cucharada de agar agar y removemos de vez en cuando hasta que comience a hervir.
  • Tenemos que dejar que hierva durante 2 minutos mínimo y sin dejar de mover para que el agar agar no se pegue.
  • Una vez pasado este tiempo, ponemos en un recipiente y dejamos enfriar a temperatura ambiente y después en la nevera.
  • Justo antes de servir añadimos las pepitas de cacao y ¡a disfrutar!