RECIPE – “Salad with macadamia nuts rawivegano cheese”

Hey, everybody. How are you? I didn’t have mayonnaise at home today, and I can’t make mayonnaise with raw egg with my pregnancy either. So I decided to make a sauce with macadamia nuts, you want to know how? I’ll tell you right now.


For the salad:

Olives and gherkins

For the dressing:

Half a lemon

For the raw vegan sauce:

Soaked macadamia nuts (5 hours)
Half a lemon
Nutritional yeast.

  • We prepare the dressing, it is very easy just have to throw everything into the mixer and then reserve.
  • Then we make the sauce, we pass it all through the mixer and then we let it rest at room temperature for 4 hours.
  • For the salad, cook the potatoes, cut the olives and gherkins and grate the carrot.
  • The last step is to mix everything well and enjoy our decilicious dish.

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