RECIPE – “Quinoa and textured soy with sauce”

Hey, everybody. How are you? Today I bring you a rich combination to use as a garnish or main course. I wanted to make a kind of bolognese with textured soy, then I thought about adding white rice, but then I found some quinoa and ta rán! new recipe and super rich. I’ll tell you how it’s done.


100gr of quinoa
70gr fine textured soybeans
3 tomatoes

  • In a frying pan with oil and salt over a low heat, put the quinoa and soya and jump 2 minutes moving non-stop.
  • Then add 200ml of water and let it cook little by little during 12 minutes, if we see that it needs more water and filling little by little.
  • Crush the tomatoes with the basil and add to the frying pan for 5 minutes (the water must have evaporated).
  • And wa lá! to enjoy this delight.


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